Sunday, July 3, 2011

The truth about FAMILY.

Sometimes there are things in life which you don't appreciate.
One of these things are your FAMILY.

All we could usually think of our family is that they're annoying, boring, naggy, old fashioned and etc.
But seriously. Have you ever thought what they already did, or even sacrificed for you.
Even so, did you ever repay that kindness of theirs?
Well usually in a family, you don't always ask for a repay/reward unless you're still a KID.
But at least there's that thought that counts.
When you're small you see them everyday, have meals together, go out together, everything was a FAMILY.
But by time passes, look at your family's state. 
It's impossible to have a perfect family.
But that also depends on your definition of 'perfect'.
You start not to see them everyday, lesser time together on the dinner table, lesser time going out.

Have you thought of what you'll be without them?
Like seriously. What would you be? Despite all those negatives facts, there are good moments. 
And these good moments can't compare to what you have with your friends or whatsoever.
They are your place of love, warmth and everything!
No matter if you're family is small,

OR big

They are still family. 

All around you should start thinking of how you can strengthen the bond with your family. Spend more time.
Because time is precious.
I pray for everyone a happy family.

A family is a place i call home.
A family is a place i gain hope.