Monday, June 27, 2011

The truth about JEALOUSY.

I guess by the topic you should know what to expect in this next few paragraphs.
To be honest i don't really get jealous so often, but i know how it feels like because i'm human too.

Jealousy doesn't only occur in relationship or friendship. It also occurs among family members. Well to be accurate, EVERYBODY gets jealous once in awhile or most of the time, but it's okay.
So stop thinking of it negatively, because the more you think it that way the worst that emotion becomes. In life jealousy is always rubbing in, no matter what who or how, you will still get jealous of that someone. Sometimes the person you think is jealous of you, is actually not. So don't assume! Because you don't want them to assume you of being jealous either right? Haven you been listening to yourself carefully, sometimes the first impression of someone or even by their looks or their brains can make you jealous. And the best part is you don't realize! Because jealousy is already a normal feeling in our hearts and minds, but it's always tough to say that you're jealous of someone.

While typing this, i am jealous of some people in my life. So don't think nobody is. Because everyone has this same feeling, a feeling which they dare not say. Let's just get it over and done with, let's look at these clique situations that we may overcome or already did. Lets differentiate the percentage of jealousy among these two groups. 30% of jealousy is during a relationship while 70% is in friendship. It's hard to believe this statistic, but i have my reasons.
In a relationship, when a party get jealous. What do they do? A = First action/thinking. C = Last.
A) Make the another party jealous back.
B) Talk to them nicely.
C) Ignore them.
D) Break-up.
Eventually a relationship always comes to a STOP. Let's look at a friendship's situation.
A) Find out if it's really true.
B) Argue.
C) Ignore them.
D) Get over.
Well all around a friendship can never be broken so that jealousy keeps on haunting you everytime.

It's funny how jealousy can do a lot of undesirable things in your life, i just made it looked so negative. But that's not the point. What i want to point out is that it's okay to be jealous and it's better than ignoring because it will just give you more pain than being jealous and spilling it out. You have to bring yourself up and tell him/her that you're jealous, don't be afraid. Because deep down inside when you make that confession, he or she would be jealous of you. Even if he/her has never been jealous of you. He/her is now jealous of you. Jealous because you made a brave decision to actually point out your jealousy. Which a lot of us don't. This is not assuming, this is a fact. So be the brave one, point out your jealousy in a good way not in a sarcastic manner.

If jealousy was a friend.
It will definitely be ditched out first.

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