Sunday, July 3, 2011

The truth about FAMILY.

Sometimes there are things in life which you don't appreciate.
One of these things are your FAMILY.

All we could usually think of our family is that they're annoying, boring, naggy, old fashioned and etc.
But seriously. Have you ever thought what they already did, or even sacrificed for you.
Even so, did you ever repay that kindness of theirs?
Well usually in a family, you don't always ask for a repay/reward unless you're still a KID.
But at least there's that thought that counts.
When you're small you see them everyday, have meals together, go out together, everything was a FAMILY.
But by time passes, look at your family's state. 
It's impossible to have a perfect family.
But that also depends on your definition of 'perfect'.
You start not to see them everyday, lesser time together on the dinner table, lesser time going out.

Have you thought of what you'll be without them?
Like seriously. What would you be? Despite all those negatives facts, there are good moments. 
And these good moments can't compare to what you have with your friends or whatsoever.
They are your place of love, warmth and everything!
No matter if you're family is small,

OR big

They are still family. 

All around you should start thinking of how you can strengthen the bond with your family. Spend more time.
Because time is precious.
I pray for everyone a happy family.

A family is a place i call home.
A family is a place i gain hope.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


2008 MOVIES (4)
Jumper - 23February2008
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:10pm show, Seats F-03&F-11 Hall 9, costs $9.50.
High School Musical 3 - 5November2008
VivoCity GoldenVillage, 4:25pm show, Seats H-06&07 Hall 9, costs $7.50.
Twilight - 16December2008
Tampines GoldenVillage, 4:10pm show, Seats K-05&06 Hall 4, costs $10.
Yes Man - 20December2008
VivoCity GoldenVillage, 5:00pm show, Seats F-04&05 Hall 7, costs $10.

2009 MOVIES (11)
Knowing - 14April2009
AngMoKio Cathay, 4:50pm show, Seats D-19&20 Hall 4, costs $7.50.
X-men Origins : Wolverine - 13May2009
Bishan GoldenVillage, 2:20pm show, Seats M-07&08 Hall 3, costs $7.50.
Terminator Salvation - 13June2009
AngMoKio Cathay, 3:10pm show, Seats B-17&18 Hall 2, costs $10.
Monster Vs. Alien 3D - 16June2009
AngMoKio Cathay, 1:15pm show, Seats B-17&18 Hall 8, costs $10.
Hannah Montana The Movie - 19June2009
AngMoKio Cathay, 1:35pm show, Seats B-17&18 Hall 2, costs $6.
Drag Me To Hell - 23June2009
CausewayPoint Cathay, 11:25am show, Seats D-14&15 Hall 1, costs $6.
Dance Flick - 09September2009
AngMoKio Cathay, 8:20pm show, Seats B-11&12 Hall 4, costs $7.50.
Jennifer's Body - 4November2009
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:45pm show, Seats L-04&05 Hall 5, costs $6.50.
2012 - 16November2009
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 6:30pm show, Seats E-01&02 Hall 3, costs $7.50.
The Twilight Saga : New Moon - 06December2009
DowntownEast Cathay, 2:15pm show, Seats B-07&08 Hall 4, costs $8.
Avatar - 28December2009
Kallang Filmgarde, 3:55pm show, Seats B-07&08 Hall 3, costs $7.50.

2010 MOVIES (36)
Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 - 07January2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 4:40pm show, Seats M-07&08 Hall 1, costs $7.50.
The Spy Next Door - 15January2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 3:10pm show, Seats M-17&18 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Tooth Fairy - 22January2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 3:10pm show, Seats B-05&06 Hall 5, costs $6.
Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief - 18February2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 4:10pm show, Seats G-15&16 Hall 1, costs $6.50.
Valentine's Day - 19February2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 2:00pm show, Seats C-09&10 Hall 6, costs $6.
Dear John - 27February2010
AngMoKio Cathay, 12:40pm show, Seats B-11&12 Hall 4, costs $10.
Green Zone - 15March2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 12:15pm show, Seats D-12&13 Hall 5, costs $6.
Kidnapper - 24March2010
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 2:30pm show, Seats M-07&08 Hall 1, costs $6.50.
How To Train Your Dragon 3D - 26March2010
Bishan GoldenVillage, 1:30pm show, Seats L-08&09 Hall 2, costs $14.
Iron Man 2 - 30April2010 
Bugis Shaw, 4:00pm show, Seats U-21&22 Hall 1, costs $8.
The Back-up Plan - 07May2010
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:50pm show, Seats F-13&14 Hall 10, costs $6.50.
The Last Song - 21May2010
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:35pm show, Seats E-13&14 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Shrek Forever After 3D - 22May2010
AngMoKio Cathay, 1:30pm show, Seats B-13&14 Hall 4, costs $14.
The Karate Kid -11June2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 1:20pm show, Seats C-03&04 Hall 1, costs $6.
The A-team - 25June2010
AngMoKio Cathay, 1:30pm show, Seats B-07&08 Hall 1, costs $6.
She's Out Of My League - 28June2010
AngMoKio Cathay, 11:15am show, Seats B-11&12 Hall 1, costs $6.
Toy Story 3 - 29June2010
Bishan GoldenVillage, 12:45pm show, Seats L-07&08 Hall 5, costs $6.50.
Knight And Day - 1July2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 3:40pm show, Seats N-07&08 Hall 2, costs $7.50.
The Twilight Saga : Eclipse - 9July2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 1:30pm show, Seats N-11&12 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Despicable Me - 16July2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 1:30pm show, Seats B-12&13 Hall 2, costs $6.
Inception - 23July2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 2:50pm show, Seats L-05&06 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Street Dance - 04August2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 2:20pm show, Seats K-11&12 Hall 7, costs $6.50.
Salt - 18August2010
Bugis Filmgarde, 4:00pm show, Seats J-11&12 Hall 6, costs $7.50.
Step Up 3D - 20August2010
VivoCity GoldenVillage, 4:20pm show, Seats G-01&02 Hall 4, costs $14.
Grown Ups - 29August2010
TiongBahru GoldenVillage, 9:40pm show, Seats R-09&10 Hall 1, costs $10.
Vampires Suck - 03September2010
Bishan GoldenVillage, 4:00pm show, Seats N-05&06 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Devil - 18September2010
Bishan GoldenVillage, 2:00pm show, Seats Q-07&08 Hall 1, costs $10.
Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps - 30September2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 12:45pm show, Seats K-09&10 Hall 9, costs $6.50.
The Other Guys - 05October2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 5:05pm show, Seats L-11&12 Hall 4, costs $6.50.
Dinner For Schmucks - 15October2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 2:20pm show, Seats H-11&12 Hall 7, costs $6.50.
You Again - 22October2010
Tampines GoldenVillage, 7:05pm show, Seats H-07&08 Hall 7, costs $10.
Life As We Know It - 07November2010
Bugis Filmgarde, 4:45pm show, Seats J-04&05 Hall 4, costs $10.
Megamind - 12November2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 1:10pm show, Seats A-01&02 Hall 2, costs $6.
Red - 16November2010
CenturySquare Shaw, 5:10pm show, Seats A-07&08 Hall 6, costs $9.50.
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 - 19November2010
Bishan GoldenVillage, 4:40pm show, Seats P-07&08 Hall 2, costs $6.50.
Rapunzel A Tangled Tale 3D - 04December2010
AngMoKio Cathay, 4:05pm show, Seats B-09&10 Hall 4, costs $14.

2011 MOVIES (47)
Gulliver's Travels - 04January2011
AngMoKio Cathay, 9:35pm show, Seats E-12&13 Hall 7, costs $8.
The Tourist - 14January2011
Bugis Filmgarde, 3:35pm show, Seats G-10&11 Hall 6, costs $8.50.
Shaolin - 09February2011
Tampines GoldenVillage, 4:10pm show, Seats M-13&14 Hall 3, costs $6.50.
The Green Hornet - 16February2011
Tampines GoldenVillage, 4:10pm show, Seats P-11&12 Hall 3, costs FOC.
Just Go With It - 18February2011
Suntec EngWah, 4:25pm show, Seats M-C3&4 Hall 2, costs $6.
I Am Number Four - 03March2011
CenturySquare Shaw, 4:25pm show, Seats D-03&04 Hall 5, costs $6.
Gnomeo & Juliet - 04March2011
Marina GoldenVillage, 3:00pm show, Seats T-13&14 Hall 6, costs $8.50.
Big Mommas : Like Father Like Son - 11March2011
Bishan GoldenVillage, 4:30pm show, Seats K-09&10 Hall 5, costs $6.50.
Rango - 17March2011
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 2:05pm show, Seats L-14&15 Hall 3, costs $6.50.
World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles - 21March2011
TheGrand Cathay, 2:30pm show, Seats B-17&18 Hall 1, costs $6.
SuckerPunch - 25March2011
AngMoKio Cathay, 2:30pm show, Seats B-15&16 Hall 7, costs $6.50.
Morning Glory - 28March2011
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:30pm show, Seats J-08&09 Hall 6, costs $6.50.
Limitless - 09April2011
DowntownEast Cathay, 5:30pm show, Seats A-05&06 Hall 5, costs $8.
Scream 4 - 18April2011
Marina GoldenVillage, 7:10pm show, Seats P-10&11 Hall 5, costs FOC.
Thor - 29April2011
Bugis Filmgarde, 7:30pm show, Seats C-15&16 Hall 3, costs $10.50.
Fast And Furious 5 - 08May2011
Nex Shaw, 12:10pm show, Seats E-06&07 Hall 7, costs $9.50.
Beastly - 14May2011
Bugis Shaw, 7:10pm show, Seats L-11&12 Hall 3, costs $9.50.
Kung Fu Panda 2 - 27May2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 4:10pm show, Seats A-07&08 Hall 10, costs $6.
X-men First Class - 03June2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 10:20am show, Seats B-16&17 Hall 3, costs $6.
Animal United - 12June2011
Bugis Filmgarde, 5:00pm show, Seats G-09&10 Hall 1, costs $10.50.
Mr. Popper's Penguin - 17June2011
TheCathay Cathay, 7:15pm show, Seats G-11&12 Hall 5, costs $10.50.
Something Borrowed - 27June2011
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 2:10pm show, Seats M-12&13 Hall 3, costs $8.
Transfomers : Dark Of The Moon - 30June2011
Lido Shaw, 3:20pm show, Seats C-07&08 Hall 1, costs $6.
Transfomers : Dark Of The Moon - 5July11
Lido Shaw, 4:40pm show, Seats A-12&13 Hall 4, costs $6.
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - 15July2011
Bugis Shaw, 3:45pm show, Seats J-08&09 Hall 3, costs $6.
Captain America : The First Avenger - 5August2011
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 4:15pm show, Seats F-13&14 Hall 8, costs $9.
Rise Of The Planet Of The Ape - 9August2011
Lido Shaw, 5:15pm show, Seats F-21&22 Hall 1, costs $10.50.
Zookeeper - 23August2011
DowntownEast Cathay, 2:15pm show, Seats C-07&08 Hall 5, costs $6.
Final Destination 5 - 29August2011
Lido Shaw, 3:10pm show, Seats B-13&14 Hall 1, costs $6.50.
Smurfs - 2September2011
TheCathay Cathay, 3:00pm show, Seats B-17&18 Hall 2, costs $6.
Johnny English Reborn - 16September2011
TheCathay Cathay, 5:00pm show, Seats J-26&27 Hall 1, costs $6.
Crazy Stupid Love - 21September2011
TheCathay Cathay, 4:35pm show, Seats B-07&08 Hall 4, costs $6.
Abduction - 22September2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 5:00pm show, Seats B-10&11 Hall 3, costs $6.
Contagion - 28September2011
Lido Shaw, 5:10pm show, Seats B-08&09 Hall 2, costs $6.
Friends With Benefits - 30September2011
TheCathay Cathay, 5:00pm show, Seats B-19&20 Hall 1, costs $6.

Real Steel - 7October2011
Lido Shaw, 7:00pm show, Seats B-18&19 Hall 1, costs $10.50.
What's Your Number - 15October2011

TheCathay Cathay, 5:35pm show, Seats B-13&14 Hall 2, costs $8.
The Change-Up - 21October2011
Nex Shaw, 9:10pm show, Seats G-11&12 Hall 5, costs $7(V).
Footloose - 30October2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 6:50pm show, Seats C-04&05 Hall 1, costs $8.
Tower Heist - 11November2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 9:30pm show, Seats L-13&14 Hall 1, costs $8.
Happy Feet 2 - 19November2011
CenturySquare Shaw, 9:10pm show, Seats B-08&09 Hall 2, costs $7(V).
Immortals - 25November2011
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 9:20pm show, Seats D-01&02 Hall 4, costs $11(B).
Puss In Boots - 27November2011
TheCathay Cathay, 12:10am show, Seats H-01&02 Hall 3, costs $8.
The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn - 28November2011
DowntownEast Cathay, 7:00pm show, Seats A-09&10 Hall 4, costs $6.
New Year's Eve - 9December2011
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 7:25pm show, Seats G-04&05 Hall 5, costs $8.
Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol - 26December2011
TheCathay Cathay, 7:00pm show, Seats C-27&28 Hall 1, costs $8.
Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 - 29December2011
Lido Shaw, 5:40pm show, Seats O-08&09 Hall 7, costs $6.

2012 MOVIES (18)
Special Forces - 1January2012

CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 1:45pm show, Seats B-05&06 Hall 10, costs $8.
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island - 20January2012
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 9:15pm show, Seats A-02&03 Hall 3, costs $8.
Jack And Jill - 21January2012
TheCathay Cathay, 5:35pm show, Seats B-05&06 Hall 2, costs $8.
One For The Money - 28January2012
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 9:45pm show, Seats D-18&19 Hall 5, costs $8.
We Not Naughty - 3February2012
Marina GoldenVillage, 6:30pm show, Seats M-10&11 Hall 3, costs FOC.
Safe House - 9February2012
CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 9:25pm show, Seats B-04&05 Hall 3, costs $9.50.
Chronicle - 10February2012
DowntownEast Cathay, 2:05pm show, Seats B-09&10 Hall 3, costs $7.
Underworld : Awakening - 14February2012

CenturySquare Shaw, 5:40pm show, Seats C-12&13 Hall 5, costs $6.

This Means War - 7March2012
Bugis Shaw, 3:10pm show, Seats C-06&07 Hall 3, costs $6.
John Carter - 9March2012
Lido Shaw, 6:45pm show, Seats C-15&16 Hall 1, costs $10.50.
The Hunger Games - 23March2012
Lido Shaw, 5:30pm show, Seats C-18&19 Hall 4, costs $6.
Wrath Of The Titans - 29March2012

Lido Shaw, 5:00pm show, Seats A-17&18 Hall 1, costs $6.
American Reunion - 6April2012

AngMoKio Cathay, 1:15pm show, Seats B-15&16 Hall 6, costs $11.
Titanic 3D - 9April2012

CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 5:30pm show, Seats F-17&18 Hall 3, costs $8.
The Vow - 13April2012

Lido Shaw, 2:50pm show, Seats B-04&05 Hall 5, costs $6.
Battleship - 13April2012

CineleisureOrchard Cathay, 5:45pm show, Seats G-03&04 Hall 2, costs $7.
The Lucky One - 19April2012

AngMoKio Cathay, 4:55pm show, Seats B-09&10 Hall 2, costs $7.
Lockout - 27April2012
PlazaSingapura GoldenVillage, 7:00pm show, Seats G-03&04 Hall 10, costs $11.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So what if i've ignored you?
So what if i've neglected you?
So what if i've made a mistake?
So what if i've never asked for forgiveness?
So what when you don't even care?

I wonder all these while, if it's my fault.
You told me i've changed, everyone does. Don't they?
You told me i've left you, somethings doesn't last. Do they?

Here's something i want to tell you -
You've betrayed me.
Guess you didn't saw that coming.

So much for friendship. Jerk.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The truth about JEALOUSY.

I guess by the topic you should know what to expect in this next few paragraphs.
To be honest i don't really get jealous so often, but i know how it feels like because i'm human too.

Jealousy doesn't only occur in relationship or friendship. It also occurs among family members. Well to be accurate, EVERYBODY gets jealous once in awhile or most of the time, but it's okay.
So stop thinking of it negatively, because the more you think it that way the worst that emotion becomes. In life jealousy is always rubbing in, no matter what who or how, you will still get jealous of that someone. Sometimes the person you think is jealous of you, is actually not. So don't assume! Because you don't want them to assume you of being jealous either right? Haven you been listening to yourself carefully, sometimes the first impression of someone or even by their looks or their brains can make you jealous. And the best part is you don't realize! Because jealousy is already a normal feeling in our hearts and minds, but it's always tough to say that you're jealous of someone.

While typing this, i am jealous of some people in my life. So don't think nobody is. Because everyone has this same feeling, a feeling which they dare not say. Let's just get it over and done with, let's look at these clique situations that we may overcome or already did. Lets differentiate the percentage of jealousy among these two groups. 30% of jealousy is during a relationship while 70% is in friendship. It's hard to believe this statistic, but i have my reasons.
In a relationship, when a party get jealous. What do they do? A = First action/thinking. C = Last.
A) Make the another party jealous back.
B) Talk to them nicely.
C) Ignore them.
D) Break-up.
Eventually a relationship always comes to a STOP. Let's look at a friendship's situation.
A) Find out if it's really true.
B) Argue.
C) Ignore them.
D) Get over.
Well all around a friendship can never be broken so that jealousy keeps on haunting you everytime.

It's funny how jealousy can do a lot of undesirable things in your life, i just made it looked so negative. But that's not the point. What i want to point out is that it's okay to be jealous and it's better than ignoring because it will just give you more pain than being jealous and spilling it out. You have to bring yourself up and tell him/her that you're jealous, don't be afraid. Because deep down inside when you make that confession, he or she would be jealous of you. Even if he/her has never been jealous of you. He/her is now jealous of you. Jealous because you made a brave decision to actually point out your jealousy. Which a lot of us don't. This is not assuming, this is a fact. So be the brave one, point out your jealousy in a good way not in a sarcastic manner.

If jealousy was a friend.
It will definitely be ditched out first.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

HOPE a.k.a Harapan.

This is a song called "harapan" which means "hope".
A song i find very meaningful, so i translated it to english.
The storyline of the music video is actually about a son neglecting his mother,
Some flashbacks that he recalled, sharing and spending time with his mom,
He then moved out and sold the house leaving his mom behind,
In the end he found his mom dead when he came back to visit her.
Listen it while you read. Awesome.

As long as you give your love and soul,
I never regretted living,
Without your love and care,
I will be lost,
Every obstacle that you face,
You become my strength and hope,
I'm guilty, forgive me.
I recalled back those days,
Reality that's disturbing my mind,
Once in awhile i picture your looks,
Kept on playing and playing in my mind,
One dream that keeps haunting,
Reality i want to wake up from my dream,
I shall face any given reality,                                              
A hidden answer that is long kept,  
The long gone left a smile,
This is a guidance my weak soul is strengthen,
With god's permission giving hope,
Become what i am today is not a regret,
Forgot your promise while follow your heart,
Tears roll down your cheeks,
A thousand years i often remember,
Even a second i never had forgotten you.
As long as you give your love and soul, 
I never regretted living,
Without your love and care,          
I will be lost,                                                                          
Every obstacle that you face,
You become my strength and hope,
I'm guilty, forgive me.
This song wasn't created for those,
Who wants to bring me down when i succeed,
I express myself without being shy,
There's only one person beside me when i'm small to big,
A DIAMOND in my life my life my mom,
A story dedicated to you,
Listen listen,
Here i go again here i go again,
I broke my leg, broke my hand, broke my heart,
Kept on fighting fighting to win,
HOLDING onto what SCOLDING who BLAMING whom,
Burning the core core of our love,
We'll be together all my life,
As long as you give your love and soul, 
I never regretted living,
Without your love and care,
I will be lost,
Every obstacle that you face,
You become my strength and hope,
I'm guilty, forgive me.
Like a life loss without a striving character,
Maybe one day i'll start boasting,
Waiting for a happy day,
The day i've always long waited for,
Finally my breathe came back,
Filled with emotions i pray,
To the only ONE who is powerful,
I'm a weak human and far from perfection,
Still i stood still and walk my path,
Build what is strong my life is not wild,
I only plan while HE approve,
I need guidance this is not a test,
Which i don't want and never waited for,
Why is my life so lonely,
My hope has become clearer,
All this is simply just a test.
As long as you give your love and soul, 
I never regretted living,
Without your love and care,
I will be lost,
Every obstacle that you face,
You become my strength and hope,
I'm guilty, forgive me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The truth about MEN.

Let's look at the subject, MEN. Well honestly speaking i think men are an easier species to understand rather than women. Well i'm not saying that because i'm a man, i just plainly thought so. No bias contents here.

Men are like rocks, no matter how hard you throw them. They just won't break, eventually some will if you keep throwing for a long period of time. Women define men as a heartless species, i can't agree more. There's always this burning desire question in a women's heart ; "WHY DO MEN GET OVER A RELATIONSHIP SO FAST?" Well i can't give you a direct answer, but i can give you a general answer of how a man thinks. It's never easy to understand the opposite sex, but it'll be much harder if you don't try. Don't be so narrow minded of men, when it's actually hard not to. Men are like rubber bands too, they like to be close at some certain extend, and then they want to stretch for a period of time too. They are a species which can't commit to certain things, that's why they need to have that time to be free and then continue where they stopped. 75% OF MEN GETS INTO RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THEY WANT TO TOY AROUND IN A WOMAN'S HEART OR BODY. So don't be fooled.

In a relationship, there's 3 types of men out there -
Firstly, the one who doesn't have the balls to leave their woman. No particular reason. It's not a good sign because he's weak & indecisive, but it's not bad either because he won't leave you. The percentage of this type of men are about 20%.
Secondly, the one who have the guts to leave their woman, for some reasons. They tend to say "I'm over her" but deep inside they're actually not. It's not a good sign because he's not serious & matured, but it's not bad either because he still loves you in the end. The percentage of this type of men are about 25%.
Finally, the one who throws a woman's heart freely, for no reason at all. THEY ARE A GROUP OF MEN CALL JERKS, and guess what? They make up the most percentage of 55% among these men.
Look at this carefully, because you won't see this everyday.

To be honest, men are not that heartless after all. Despite those ugly facts you see on top. Men are a group of species who loves to appreciate, care and also the warmth in every relationship. For some, it's still hard to understand, i never said it was easy. And i never actually really understand men that carefully, because every one makes mistakes once in awhile. Give and take. Show your love. And hopefully you'll get a men you deserve. For those men who are reading. Please don't ignore. Be a better man now, and treat your woman right. Before it's too late. However we're all human beings after all, we're created for a reason. A reason you'll eventually find out once you finish reading this. Don't be so hard on men, because if you do, the harder they get.

A man can't succeed without a woman.
So be that woman behind that man.