Friday, June 24, 2011

The truth about MEN.

Let's look at the subject, MEN. Well honestly speaking i think men are an easier species to understand rather than women. Well i'm not saying that because i'm a man, i just plainly thought so. No bias contents here.

Men are like rocks, no matter how hard you throw them. They just won't break, eventually some will if you keep throwing for a long period of time. Women define men as a heartless species, i can't agree more. There's always this burning desire question in a women's heart ; "WHY DO MEN GET OVER A RELATIONSHIP SO FAST?" Well i can't give you a direct answer, but i can give you a general answer of how a man thinks. It's never easy to understand the opposite sex, but it'll be much harder if you don't try. Don't be so narrow minded of men, when it's actually hard not to. Men are like rubber bands too, they like to be close at some certain extend, and then they want to stretch for a period of time too. They are a species which can't commit to certain things, that's why they need to have that time to be free and then continue where they stopped. 75% OF MEN GETS INTO RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THEY WANT TO TOY AROUND IN A WOMAN'S HEART OR BODY. So don't be fooled.

In a relationship, there's 3 types of men out there -
Firstly, the one who doesn't have the balls to leave their woman. No particular reason. It's not a good sign because he's weak & indecisive, but it's not bad either because he won't leave you. The percentage of this type of men are about 20%.
Secondly, the one who have the guts to leave their woman, for some reasons. They tend to say "I'm over her" but deep inside they're actually not. It's not a good sign because he's not serious & matured, but it's not bad either because he still loves you in the end. The percentage of this type of men are about 25%.
Finally, the one who throws a woman's heart freely, for no reason at all. THEY ARE A GROUP OF MEN CALL JERKS, and guess what? They make up the most percentage of 55% among these men.
Look at this carefully, because you won't see this everyday.

To be honest, men are not that heartless after all. Despite those ugly facts you see on top. Men are a group of species who loves to appreciate, care and also the warmth in every relationship. For some, it's still hard to understand, i never said it was easy. And i never actually really understand men that carefully, because every one makes mistakes once in awhile. Give and take. Show your love. And hopefully you'll get a men you deserve. For those men who are reading. Please don't ignore. Be a better man now, and treat your woman right. Before it's too late. However we're all human beings after all, we're created for a reason. A reason you'll eventually find out once you finish reading this. Don't be so hard on men, because if you do, the harder they get.

A man can't succeed without a woman.
So be that woman behind that man.

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