Saturday, June 18, 2011

The truth about LOVE.

Well most of us are very particular when it comes to the word LOVE. 
I can't say i'm a love expert, but what i know i'd more experience than most of you.

Love is not just an affection of words, or gifts. It's about the action you take to show someone you love, that you truly love them. Have you wondered why you love someone? Is it because of their looks, personality or was it their character that attracted you. Whatever the reason was, love is love. Well to be honest. Love consist both Happiness & Hurt. So when you fall in love, be prepared to be hurt by someone whom you love. Love is not just about romance, lust. It's about 2 separates individual coming together to share their life story and accepting one another as for who they are. Saying those 3 words "I LOVE YOU" is easy, but showing them is a whole lot of different thing. You don't say those 3 words to someone you barely know, you say it when you mean it. And when you meant it, it's towards those you have kept a special place in your heart. 

Love doesn't comes once or twice, it comes every single time. Just like a bus - 
You watch them pass by you every time : Love comes often.
You only ride the bus that brings you to your destination : You only date those you chose. 
You change bus when you need to : Just like when you change your love ones, overtime.  
You chase for some buses,while you let go off some : Just like how you chase & let go off someone.
You wave for the bus : You want attention from someone.
You wait for the bus : Just like you're waiting for someone.
You're journey in the bus : Your relationship counted as distance.
You pay your fare : Just like how you spent for your love one.
You vandalize the bus : It's like how to ill treat your love one.
You press the bell : You want to stop the relationship.
Look how a simple bus can relate to your complicated love. I just figured it out.

As you you look by, you always wanted that someone special to be by your side whenever you're up or down. Love can find you that someone, love can also lose that someone whom is always by your side. Love is a very complicated subject, nobody can score a full mark if there was a theory examination. For whatever reason you love that particular someone, try to keep looking at that direction. That's when you won't lose your footing. Love will eventually taught you something different that your parents, teachers had never taught you : A journey in life where you're appreciated and chucked aside, values in life such as confidence, trust and also you learn how to get stronger after every break-up. That's something that was not written on the textbook, or being taught to you in school. There's a reason that you are not subject to fall in love at this teenage age, it's because those around you don't want to see you getting hurt at the end of the day.

Love is sweet like sugar, bitter like beer. 
If you want to fall in love, don't be afraid to get over.